Mind Games by Teri Terry

1d209486-dafa-492d-930e-6b0e2a02f614Society is almost entirely virtual, there’s barely any need to leave the house when you can plug into Realtime. Gaming, school, parties, holidays – it’s all done in PareCo.’s virtal world. Luna is a refuser. She won’t use Realtime because she has a secret, a secret that could get her killed.

When PareCo. select Luna to take part in testing for their elite think tank she is faced with a decision. Run and hide, or embrace her secret, play their dangerous game and work her way to the centre of a web of silver lies.

Multi-award winning author of Slated Teri Terry is back with another pacey, page turning thriller. Suitable for 13+.

Staff Review by Abi


Boo by Neil Smith

Oliver Da2c85b992-a7ea-4ef9-81c5-fb37d2f7af4alrymple (Boo) is a 13 year old science geek. He wakes up in heaven, not the kind of heaven full of angels and music, but the kind where 13 year olds from America go.  The last thing Boo remembers was reaching the end of reciting the periodic table from memory. He thinks he died from a heart defect but discovers that he was, in fact, murdered. When he finds that his classmate Johnny has also been shot, they set off to try to find their killer. Is he in heaven too?

Boo is written in the same vein as The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time but is unique and original. It explores bullying and mental illness but above all, friendship and forgiveness. You will fall in love with the characters in this unpredictable, funny and heart breaking book.

Due 21st May

Staff Review by Alice