T.S.Spivet by Reif Larson

5415669f-6e79-4fe0-8cdc-ac2af0941533A road trip story with a difference. T.S. is mistaken for an adult when his school project wins a highly prestigious award and he is invited to address scholars at a university on the other side of the USA. Thinking no-one will really miss him, TS sets off from the family farm, alone, taking his mother’s research notes from her desk to read on the way. In doing so he discovers the truth about the real reason for her trips and studies, discovering more about his heritage and the importance to him of his family.

Beautifully written from the child’s perspective with numerous asides and interludes along the margins of the main text showing his drawings, family and school playground insults, plans, maps and workings. Humorous and tragic throughout, you should not be put off by the length of the book. Loved it!

Customer Review by Barbara