Alison Clink Launch, Talk and Signing

The Man Who Never went to Newcastle
At only our second evening event this year, Alison was interviewed by local author-poet Crysse Morrison.  We heard how she started a diary on the day that she was told about her brother’s illness and stopped on the day that he died.  Writing daily became part of the grieving process and helped her to move forward.
Alison then used her diary entries to create a prose piece, later developing it into a memoir after discussions with agents.  The title came from talking with her brother about the ordinary things that he hadn’t got round to doing.  The book intersperses flashbacks from their childhood and youth, with the unfolding of his illness.  Its funny, sad, poignant and more.  An independent venture – Alison has self-published her book – the publication of which Crysse likened to the current ‘farmers’ market movement in a supermarket world’.
Alison read two contrasting extracts and answered questions from an appreciative audience.

Alison Clink and Chrysse Morrison


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