The Rhino Farm Launch & Signing

Saturday saw the launch of local author Annabel Claridge’s fourth book, ‘The Rhino Farm’ here at Hunting Raven.

Annabel Claridge 4 April signing courtesy of Judith WhiteAfter reading a series of articles on the horrendous trade of poaching rhino horns, an impassioned Annabel did her research! To ensure the authenticity and accuracy of her work she spoke to professionals such as Dr. Jacques Flamand who, in part, relocates rhinos.

In an interview with the Frome Standard she said, “What I find so difficult to understand is that the rhino horn has no medicinal benefit whatsoever. The horn is made up of the same stuff as fingernails and yet people are prepared to pay huge amounts of money for it and rhinos are being mutilated – and for what?”

With her hard hitting story about rhino poaching and the race to save one orphaned rhino from suffering the same terrible fate as its parent, Annabel hopes to inspire young adults, and adults alike, into action.

We have signed copies of Annabel’s books in store, available for those of you who weren’t able to make it down on the day – while stock lasts.


Julia Donaldson Independent Bookshop of the Month

This year Macmillan Children’s Books have a new monthly award to recognise the best child-focused independent bookshops in the UK … and guess what … we’re Bookshop of the Month for April!

Julia Donaldson says, “I am a big fan of independent bookshops. I like the way they each have their own character, with window displays by local artists or creative staff members, and with stock reflecting the tastes and passions of their owners and customers.  But one thing they almost all have in common is the knowledge, dedication and enterprise of their staff.  So I was over the moon when Macmillan Children’s Books suggested this initiative to reward the best children’s booksellers in the UK.”

The Gruffalo will be visiting us later this month – take a look at our Events page for more information – and keep your eye on our shop window, Facebook and Twitter pages for special events, offers and news throughout month!